• “Don excels at what he does. He is the most veracious provider of diligent retail property valuation work I have come across in my 27 years as a Real Estate Agent. I would recommend Don whenever a thorough examination of more » - Jonathan Blocksidge, Director REIQ
    “I’ve been on most sides of real estate ownership and management. As a developer, owner, professional manager, and tenant. Don has a refreshingly rational, economically and mathematically literate approach to retail property valuation which avoids many of the rule-of-thumb pitfalls more » - Graham Young, Publisher
    “Hi Donald, thank you for confirming what I already thought about Shopping Centres and retail Leases/Values.” - Business Valuer
    “Thank you Don for all your help and for all the contributions that you make to the retail property industry.” - NSW Specialist Retail Valuer
    “As a retailer with over 15 years Brisbane CBD experience, we engaged Don for independent expert advice to assist us in proving damages to the landlord who was a major industry superannuation fund. I am proud to confirm that Don’s more » - Ermanno Nobilio, Specialty Retailer
    “I have known and collaborated with Don Gilbert for four years, ever since I first met him at a conference in Korea. I have found him to be refreshingly numerate, candid, and outspoken on matters concerning the retail property industry, more » - Vernon Martin, President APRI
    “And thank you for emailing your (very substantial) report to me. Your analysis and comments are excellent, forthright and challenging, and more insightful than my own advisors!” - Pharmacist, Major Brand
    “I have known Don for many years and worked with him in both South Africa and Australia. Don is a dedicated retail property professional and continues to strive to know more about his industry and how to make his clients more » - Dr. Brent Stephens
    “Thanks Don. Much appreciated. And thanks again for your fine talk yesterday it is a real pleasure to listen to someone that has such a great understanding of their specialty field and says it like it is. We need more more » - QLD Business Valuer
    “Don has showed the highest level of integrity and trustworthiness in my dealings with him. His tenacity and attitude to succeed are legend. He makes sure he delivers.” - Mathew Tait, Pharmacist
    “Don has excellent knowledge of all facets of retail property and leases in general. He looks at each lease and business on an individual basis and understands the business’ performance with respect to its physical location rather than just a more » - Richard Lord, Property Professional
    “…You were very thorough. It is always good when the facts are provided in detail leaving no questions to be asked.” - Large Retail Landlord
    “Thank you very much for all the time, effort, and consideration you have put into our submission. We are extremely happy with your service… We feel extremely fortunate to have discovered you – it is very rare to find an more » - John, Grocery Retailer
    “Don has a thorough understanding of the concept of value. From both sides of the equation of owner and tenant he strives to achieve equitable playing fields where fairness also provides win/win outcomes. Don is big picture orientated and has more » - Colin Freeman, Director
    “Don. You should write the Valuer’s manual on retail property valuation – the detail you go into is impressive.” - Leading NSW Specialist Retail Valuer
    “I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation yesterday… I’m the guy who thanked you for “telling it as it is” afterwards. I agree with your belief that most rents are over priced and impact on more » - Business Valuer
    “Don is a clear-sighted, down-to-earth business professional with a sharp sense of where economic value comes from, and how to deliver; and how to measure it. Engaging with him on retail property valuation takes me instantly from theory to the more » - Govindan (“Govind”) Nair
    “Don is a leader and visionary in his field. He has a remarkable aptitude for predicting future market trends and dynamics. He has a deep and broad understanding of the retail property market and has always offered sound perspectives.” - Cedric Tyler, CEO
    “I have been provided with a copy of a report made by Mr D E Gilbert of Queensland Lease Consultants [former name of ALPC] who is a recognised expert in the relation of rent review determinations, in particular retail premises.” - Leading Australian QC
    “I love reading your articles, always make me laugh. We have decided to quit… retail just isn’t fun anymore and our landlord is being a typical landlord, demanding full refits, jacking up rents, constantly criticizing etc., etc., and I’m over more » - John, Showcase Jewellers
  • Professional Services

    Retail Property Consultant Services

    • Specialist Retail Valuer offering Retail Property Valuation, Expert Determination and Comparisons of Current Market Rent throughout Australia
    • Lease Arbitration, Mediation and Resolution of Retail Disputes throughout Australia
    • Expert Witness Services for Retail Disputes up to Supreme Court level
    • Breach-of-Lease Loss Calculations and Financial Modelling for Compensation Claims, including Forensic Analysis of Financial Statements and Traffic Analysis
    • Retail Lease Agreement Evaluation, Risk Assessment and Restructuring
    • Comprehensive Business Performance Analysis, Forecasting and Benchmarking of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Critical Business Ratios etc., for ALL Retail Business Models, including Franchises
    • As above for any Shopping Centres, including Outgoings
    • Due Diligence for Retail Property Owners and Potential Investors for Acquisition Purposes
    • Evaluation, Analysis and Risk Assessment of Retail Lease Portfolios
    • Strategic Review of Retail Tenancy Mixes, Competition and Marketing Strategies (SWOT Analysis)
    • Brand Building and “Repositioning” of Older Shopping Centres


    Professional Speaking / Presentation

    Don is a passionate presenter in matters concerning the retail property industry, such as understanding ‘current market rent’ and structuring a sound retail lease agreement, and he regularly speaks at a variety of industry venues. His research, modelling and presentation materials have been refined over 20 years for international conferences and papers and he can convert complex material into straightforward presentations via simple graphs and tables.

    Don’s modelling shows how retail lease agreement structures are used to misallocate hundreds of billions of dollars of Stakeholder Capital annually between Landlords and Tenants (and their Financiers) and the consequences to both the Retail Property Industry and the broader economy.

    If your organisation would like to inform its clients, professionals or staff about key issues in the Retail Property Sector, including risk management, current market rent and Retail Shop Leases Acts in Australia, please call to discuss how we can tailor a presentation to suit your desired audience, topic and budget.


    Intellectual Property – Tool Kits, Articles, Research Papers& Presentations

    Throughout his career, Don has developed a unique insight into the Retail Property Industry. His internationally important research, modelling and analyses are available in a series of articles, papers and presentations.

    Although many of Don’s works have been published in business and industry journals, updated versions are also available on this web site for a small fee. You will find them on the “Premium Reports” page or simply Click Here

    Are you a Tenant negotiating or renewing a retail lease agreement? Take advantage of Don’s experience as a retail leasing consultant and his understanding of retail shop leases without even picking up the phone. Download his LEASE NEGOTIATION TOOL KIT. This 30-page document is designed to help you overcome the substantial negotiation and information disadvantage that ordinary SME business people face when dealing with large retail landlords.
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